Top Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean And Blue

Top Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean And Blue

Your swimming pool needs you. Summers are approaching and this is the right time to clean them up. If you don’t have the time or the budget to run after the leading pool services in Boca Raton, there are a few things that you can do on your own to keep your pool clean and blue all the time. All you need is a bit of diligent care and some tips such as:

Checking The Pool Chemistry Is Important

Any reputed Pool Service in Boca Raton would advise you to first check for the pool chemistry. This should be done at least 1-2 times a week during summers. Do it once every 1-2 weeks in winters. The pH level of the water should always be kept between 7.2 and 7.8. Lower pH on this scale means that your pool needs lesser chlorine. This is because with the rise in pH levels, the chlorine in the water starts becoming less and less active. You need to know that added Chlorine at 7.0 pH is around 50% active and the moment it reaches 8.0 it remains about 10% active. You need to control the pH levels properly so that you use much less chlorine.

Clean Out Your Pool More Regularly

Many Pool Cleaning Services in Boca Raton tell you to begin by cleaning out the skimmer basket(s) at least once every week. You will find the skimmer installed on the side of your pool. As the name suggests, it does the job of skimming the surface of the pool. This is done before the debris and contaminants fallen on the surface of the water becomes saturated. They should not remain there as with time they will begin to float down to the bottom of the pool. Then cleaning the pool will become even more difficult. Make sure that the skimmer you are using is powerful and can clean off more stuff from the surface of the water. You will find a round access panel on your deck. All you need to do is open it up and empty the contents of the skimmer basket into it. Also make sure to keep it clean at all times.

Maintaining The Filter On The Pump

A filter works very hard to remove debris from the pool water. Over time, it will become clogged. This will eventually hinder its ability to remove dirt and debris from the pool water. You will find a leaf basket close to the weir. This is the skimmer flap that doesn’t let the debris re-enter your pool.

  • §  You need to empty it, and then rinse it out completely
  • §  After having replaced it, it is important to turn the filter setting to “backwash”
  • §  Now you will turn the pump back on
  • §  You will see how the debris gets flushed out of the filter and goes straight into the waste pipe
  • §  Then set the filter to “rinse” after a few minutes
  • §  Wait for a minute or so while the pump runs
  • §  Now set the filter to “closed”
  • §  Clean out the leaf trap
  • §  In the end adjust the filter back to its “filter” setting after having replaced the leaf trap