5 Common Myths You Would Hear About Your Swimming Pool

We live in a society which is full of people who have their very own beliefs, misconceptions and superstitions. Even the same can be found in our family in every task which we do. Here we have a list of a few common myths that you would hear about the swimming pool. Let us find, how much truth is hidden inside them.

Don’t swim after eating: it is the most common thing that we hear from our parents. Actually, it is a little bit of truth that when we have a heavy meal, our stomach has greater blood flow to support the digestion process. This can make you work a little harder in the pool to swim. In case you can’t resist your desire to get into the pool, you can go for some light food which is easy to digest.

Too Smelly, It is the Excessive chlorine: the second myth that we hear is the excessive amount of chlorine in the water causes smelly water. However, the case if opposite as the smell is caused by the chloramines formed in water and air surrounding the pool due to a lower level of chlorine in the water. So next time you get that smell, it is time to call for Pool Service Boca Raton company to fix the chlorine amount in the pool.

Burning eyes when opened underwater: this is a completely false statement. Actually, it is not the chlorine which causes burning, it is the need for adjustment in pH level of water. The pool which is having a pH level between 7.2-7.6 is always safe for underwater swimming leading to no redness or burning sensation in the eyes.

No chlorine in saltwater pools: people believe that saltwater pool is never treated with chlorine. But actually, they are cleaned using the electric current through a process called electrolysis.  This process leads to the formation of chlorine in water, moreover, it is also helpful in sanitization and preventing the development of algae.

Clear pool, it is clean and safe: we are so deceived by the appearance of water in the pool. But it can never be assumed that a clear pool with clean water is safe. Actually, the pool can be considered safe only when it has a balanced chemistry i.e. right amount of chlorine, temperature, pH and other chemicals. All you need to do is to have regular Pool Maintenance Boca Raton service staff visits to ensure safe and clean pool.

So, the next time you encounter any of these five myths, you can clarify the people with the truth and have a great time in the pool whenever you want to.