Common Pool Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Pool Problems and How to Solve Them

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your property. However, if not cared for properly, it can encounter several problems. From scheduling professional pool service in Boca Raton to performing regular maintenance, every step is important to ensure your pool remains in good condition. In this article, we will discuss some common pool problems and provide tips to help prevent them.

1. Algae growth:

Algae growth is a common issue in pools, typically occurring when proper cleaning and maintenance are neglected. If you notice your pool turning green, it is an indication that professional services are required. While algae growth can be avoided, it’s important to use chemicals to prevent its growth. Regular cleaning is also essential to keep the pool clean and algae-free

2. Overused filter:

A dirty filter can cause significant problems. However, the solution is simple. Make sure to clean the filters regularly. A clogged filter does not function effectively in the pool, similar to an air conditioning system. If the filter is clogged, it will work harder than usual. To clean the filter, check it and spray it with water from a hose until it is clear and ready to be used again

3. Scratchy surface:

If you notice that your toes become sore after getting out of the pool, it is a warning sign. A scratchy pool surface is highly dangerous for swimmers and can also damage bathing suits. Regardless of the pool’s material, scratches can occur, often due to calcium build-up. Test the water’s pH level regularly to prevent such issues.

4. Cloudy water:

Cloudy water in the pool can have various causes, such as environmental factors or poor maintenance. In such cases, using a screen overhead can help. Excessive use of chemicals during pool cleaning can also lead to cloudiness. It is advisable to check the filter and avoid overusing chemicals. Perform a pH test to ensure proper chemical balance.

5. Stained view:

A stained pool is an indication of dirt and debris. If you have cleaned the pool but still notice dirt, there may be an issue. Stains can result from rust in cracks or excessive metal presence in the water. Inspect both the exterior and interior of the pool to identify the source of the problem before taking appropriate measures.

6. Irritation after swimming:

Experiencing irritation or a burning sensation after swimming is a sign of an untreated pool. This irritation can affect the throat, eyes, and skin. pH imbalance is often the culprit. Using a combination of ammonia and chlorine can help alleviate the issue. Additionally, perform a pH test to ensure the water is safe for use, as a pH level above 7.6 or below 7.2 can cause burning and redness.


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